12fly – Cheap Online Travel Package

Do you know that you can actually book travel package online in Malaysia? I have no idea that this can be done earlier. I always have this thought that I have to walk in to some travel agencies and book it. Guess I was wrong. So, here it is. Let me introduce 12fly to everyone. 12fly […]


If you have booked hotel online before,  Agoda is probably no stranger to you. For those who are not familiar, Agoda is a popular online hotel platform where you can basically book any hotels around the world. Agoda has a listing  of hundreds of thousands of hotels and providing services in 38 different languages. If […]

Cheap Night Vision CCTV Camera for Home/Apartments

Home break-ins are on the rise globally and CCTV is now kind of an essential equipment to be installed at home to protect the safety of your love ones. However, it’s not cheap to get someone to install a complete CCTV camera system at home. Not sure about other countries, at least in Malaysia, it […]


Shins is probably a name that you probably have heard of. Shins is Malaysia’s leading and largest beauty retail chain with over 30 stores in leading shopping malls in Malaysia with their range of products including haircare, skincare, cosmetics, perfume, body & slimming care, nail care, beauty tools and beauty accessories. Shins has 5,000 types of beauty products from […]


Kaligo Asia Miles

Have you heard of Kaligo? I recently bump into this website and I think it’s a website that worth exploring. For those who are not familiar, Kaligo is a leading global hotel booking platform, similar to Agoda.com or Booking.com (you can choose from over 365,000 hotels) that rewards customers with incredible air miles & points across […]

Fragrances and Cosmetics Co.

What I’m going to share today is not really my cup of tea, but I believe ladies will love this website, Fragrances and Cosmetics Co I haven’t really told my wife about Fragrances and Cosmetics Co, but I think she’ll turn crazy if she knows about it. Fragrances and Cosmetics Co offers 600 of the world’s […]