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Hello… My name is Dax. I love to shop, but I’m not a “conventional” shopper. Though I do go to the shopping malls or complexes to shop, I prefer to do online shopping.  Basically, I’m a person who will opt to buy everything online whenever possible (hence the website’s name, “everythingbuyonline.com“) Ya, I admit I’m a lazy bum too, that’s why I prefer to do online shopping… Haha…

You’d be surprised on the things that I’ve purchased online so far. Let me see, I’ve bought clothes, bag, collectibles, smartphone, tablet, toys, stationaries, laptop, toiletries, food, electronic components, electronic kits, oscilloscope, bench power supply, multimeter, step-down transformer…  Man, I think I’ve lost track.

This website is created to share all the quality shopping websites available in the net and my review about them. Sometimes, to be able to land on a shopping website that gives us the best value for money for the things that we wish to buy takes hours of research on the net. Hopefully, with the info shared here, you will have a better online shopping experience. Of course, if you have come across any good online shopping website(s), do leave me a comment below to benefit other online shoppers as well!

Thanks for visiting my website!


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