FoodPandaFeeling hungry and feeling lazy to move your ass off the couch, drive out and get a meal? Try FoodPanda. You can actually order food in 40 countries through FoodPanda. Yes, no kidding… Let me repeat, 40 countries. See belowFoodPandaSince I’m residing in Malaysia, guess it’s fair that I can only comment about FoodPanda Malaysia.

To begin, let me try to compare FoodPanda with DeliverEat. For those who stay in Penang, you probably might have heard about DeliverEat. Whenever there are fairs being organized in PISA (e.g. IT fair, computer fairs and etc…) , DeliverEat will set up a booth to promote their food delivery service.  Ok, I’m being long winded again, to cut it short, DeliverEat is just another website that provides the same delivery service as FoodPanda, however DeliverEat delivers to Penang residents only.

Don’t get me wrong. I like DeliverEat. In fact, I’ve ordered from DeliverEat couple of times and I’m really satisfied with their service. The delivery guy always come knocking at my door with a smiling face.  It’s a big deal to me. Really, it’s a big deal. Imagine this, do you like to go to a shop and the sales person who attends to you, show his/her frowning or angry face? You won’t like it, right? Personally, I have met with few sales person in the shopping mall or stores who treated me that way. Man, their face, is like I’ve done something terribly wrong to them or their family.

Ok, back to the point, DeliverEat doesn’t charge delivery fee, but FoodPanda does, at RM3 per delivery. Now, it seems that DeliverEat has an upper hand, but hold on a second. DeliverEat requires a minimum order of RM25 per outlet, otherwise they won’t deliver. On the other hand, FoodPanda is only RM15 for minimum order.  To me,  I’m going to move to FoodPanda moving forward. Not just on the cost, I found that the restaurants selection are more too as compared to DeliverEat. There’s one more reason actually =p Though I consider myself as a big eater, I couldn’t finished the minimum order RM25 worth of food if I were to order it from DeliverEat… That’s just too much for a person… haha…

Signing off. Happy trying FoodPanda!

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  1. Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

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