KaligoHave you heard of Kaligo? I recently bump into this website and I think it’s a website that worth exploring. For those who are not familiar, Kaligo is a leading global hotel booking platform, similar to Agoda.com or Booking.com (you can choose from over 365,000 hotels) that rewards customers with incredible air miles & points across a wide range of favourite loyalty programs. Below are Kaligo‘s partners (as of now)

kaligo partnersNow, you may ask. Why Kaligo? Kaligo actually offers relatively more rewards (thousands of points or miles instead of the few hundred for some airline loyalty programs) than other hotel booking websites. Instead of using most of the hotel’s commissions to pay for expensive advertising (e.g. through search engines, banners, etc), Kaligo believes that rewards is more important to keep customers happy and spending! That’s how they are able to offer more rewards than others.

What’s the catch? There’s always a catch., right? =) So, here goes

  1. You do not earn hotel points in addition to Kaligo‘s rewards though hotels do not typically offer their own rewards points on pre-paid bookings made through third-party websites. However, I think it’s good to know it upfront to have the right expectation.
  2. Your elite status at hotel will generally not be honored for stays booked using Kaligo. (e.g. if you have Diamond status with Hilton you will usually be able to get some complimentaries. If you booked through Kaligo they might not recognize your status and you would not be eligible for this benefit)
  3. No best price guarantee. I did some price comparison using other popular hotel booking websites (Agoda.com and Booking.com) and found that for some hotels, the rate is actually cheaper.  However, the rate is not really that far off (~$10 to $30 dollars difference per night stay).

One last thing about Kaligo, I don’t like the navigation of the wesbite. You cannot search for a specific hotel, you have to search for a city and then filter down to the hotel level. Hope that Kaligo will fix it.

That’s all for now. Signing off. As usual, happy online shopping!

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