kaodimHave you been in situation where you want to hire a plumber to fix the water pipe leak or do some house renovation and you don’t know who to go to?  So, you start to flip the yellow pages or google in the Internet for hours, with the hope that you can find someone who is good, provides good quality work and the charges is reasonable. Sometimes, if you got lucky, you may bump into someone good, but most of the time, it’s not really the case (at least to me) I’m always the unlucky  one I guess. Haha…

If you are as unlucky as I am, let me introduce to you this website, kaodim. kaodim is an online marketplace which brings the professionals for these services shown below to you for FREE in Malaysia (limited to KL, Selangor, Klang Valley, Penang & Johor Bahru at the moment)

  1. Cleaning
  2. Repair & Renovation
  3. Movers
  4. Photography & Videography
  5. Wedding Planners
  6. Hair & Makeup Artist
  7. Personal Trainers
  8. Yoga

How it works in kaodim is pretty easy. First of all, you make a request by clicking the “Get free quotes” button (as shown below) at the homepage of kaodim After that, you need to fill in some additional information so that the professionals who are interested in taking up the job know and understand exactly what you really need.

kaodim2 Once you are done, you’ll get email notification on the quotes. You’ll get up to 5 quotes (You may only get 1-2 quotes sometimes). What’s next is just 3 simple steps to complete the whole process.

Step 1
Compare prices & profiles. Feel free to message the service providers to negotiate prices or get more info.

Step 2
Choose the service provider who suits you best & click “Book”.  (Remember to check the customer’s review before booking. Don’t just check on the price. Quality comes at a price)

Step 3
The service provider you’ve booked will contact you to finalise the job details & secure an appointment

That’s it, very simple, right?

P.S.  In case you are interested, the word “kaodim” means “take care of it and get it done” in Cantonese

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